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Development of IoT Connectivity Solutions.

Who We Are

"The IoT solutions company develops the knowledge-based capabilities of engineering to create new products to meet the needs of customers."

We offer consulting, design including R&D of IoT technology from end to end. Analyze the problem and product design to further develop into new solutions. Increase the capabilities of the existing system for better management.

Our Values


We aim to constantly make space for the shift resulting from our team members' work.


We are explorers which curious and ambitious and act on these traits to continuously deliver excellence.


We anticipate our stakeholders' needs and act proactively to support, coach, and mentor others for success.


What Artron Innovative do?

IoT Solutions

IoT Mobile and Web App Development

System Integration

Rapid POC and Prototype Development

Hardware Design

UX/UI Design for IOT Applications

We build from zero to hero.

Analyze the problem to design the system based on our customer's requirements.

Choose the right technology

Suggest the best solution

Customers centric design

We research and develop new products through the end-to-end process. Starting from requirements, hardware and software systems design, standard testing, and implementation.

Hardware prototype development

Front-end and Back-end development

Firmware development

We provide the after-sale service, consultation, and installation tutorial.

Application Area

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Healthcare

Smart Solar Farming

Smart Agriculture

Smart Power Monitoring

Smart Environment


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Dashboard Monitoring

Dashboard Monitoring

Model Prototype

Diagram Smart temp monitoring

Temp with screen monitoring

Temp with screen monitoring

Diagram IoT monitoring

Platform for factory & IoT monitoring

Solar Power Plant Monitoring and Control System

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